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Collaborations for expanding vision

Let your work in the world speak for itself...


I can help you shine your light...

Share with me your passion, your vision, your creative drive. Tell me what you need for you to accomplish your goals for your work in the world. And I will help map it out for you.

Have you spent hours polishing and preparing a piece of writing and ready to send, but need another eye to look it over? Or are you struggling for hours trying to approach a piece of copy and just can't get started? I can help.

Are you an artist, author, or creative small business owner who wants to focus on your work rather than designing or maintaining websites or landing pages? I can help you build your online presence.

Maybe you have spreadsheets that need data entered. Maybe you have a long list of emails you've gathered and are ready to communicate with them. Let me help.

Websites and landing pages work in tandem with social media. Creative people want to spend their time creating, but you need to maintain your online presence. Let me take those tasks on that distract you from your true work.

See Some of Buffy's Website Designs

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Are You Ready to Expand Your Vision and Give Yourself Time for Your Work?

I can help you offload some of your more mundane tasks and free up your time for more focused attention to your creative endeavors.

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