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What others say about working with...


I had a website but it just wasn't working. Buffy Aakaash stepped in and redesigned and restructured and reconfigured and took the website to a whole new level of clarity and function. He also was incredibly patient and FAST with the changes I wanted - not once, not twice but three or four times. I so appreciated that! I love the new design! It's spunky and vibrant and alive"

—COM, Montpelier, VT


"Buffy is a kind, reliable and wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend his services..."

—JB, Plainfield, VT


"His work is delivered on time, and he's available whenever I need to consult with him. He has quickly familiarized himself with our business, and brings knowledge of many things involving the computer and Internet. He's also just a pleasant person to work with."

—SAK, Montpelier, VT


"Buffy has helped me with my company enormously. I feel so lucky to have found him."

—DP, Montclair, CA


"Buffy is creative, generous and committed to his work. I highly appreciate him for his bright mind, rich humor and warm heart. I highly recommend him."

—JM, Portland, OR


"Buffy is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner. Throughout our work experience I witnessed his generosity and genuine relationship building skills with our customers and various other community partners."

— TM, Portland, OR


"Buffy showed great patience and talent designing my website . As an Attorney, I have already received compliments. I recommend him to offer such services to others, really good job."

— AR, East Montpelier, VT


"Buffy is a pro, he has taken such a load off my business practice in managing my website and email account and SEO... It has allowed me to continue my practice... He is a joy to work with!"

— LC, Grand Junction, CO


"Buffy’s a precise and laser focused editor. He ruthlessly and gloriously cuts away all of the fat and extraneous words and allows a writer to say what they wanted to say in the first place, succinctly and clearly."

— SS, Marshfield, VT


"Really helpful in implementing everything I needed on my website to make my business run more efficiently.  Responsive and personable.  I highly recommend Buffy for your Website Design."

— GS, Waterbury, VT


"For a recent novel, Buffy Aakaash provided excellent editorial insights that ran the spectrum from story and characters to punctuation and word choice. It is rare to find such a generous and collaborative spirit coupled with such an fine sense of language and deep understanding of the art of narrative. I have been talking story and characters with Buffy on and off since I began my life in the writing arts, every time I do, my stories are better for it."

— DD, Portland, OR

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