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The value of your work in the world is yet to be discovered. Let me help you...

My Services


Website & Printed Material Design

The process is simple and affordable. You share with me your images, your passions, your focus. And I turn it into a beautiful message to the world you are proud to show to people. If you wonder, then what? "Then I have to maintain it." I can handle that for you, too. Need to add photos? Need to add an event to your Events page? Do you have a new paragraph about your passion you need to share. I will handle that for you. Newsletters? Brochures? Business cards? I can do it all for you.


Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading

Do you know you need to write something, but what exactly you want to say seems to be on the shelf above you just out of reach? Perhaps you've already created your master piece of copy, but you've been staring at it for so long you miss misplaced modifiers and grammar that confuses, and punctuation errors escape your eye. Let me have a look and make suggestions that will take your writing up a notch.


Desktop & Administrative Management Solutions

Are you a small business with a bunch of mindless data entry needing done? How about spreadsheets that need creating and/or maintenance? Perhaps you have an email list you've gathered and are ready to send a message out to them, but are not sure how best to create that email, and how to get the best "open" and "click" rates once you hit send. Leave it up to me.

Social Media

Social Media Management

Once you have a website or a landing page, what is your plan for getting people to visit the site. Remember. They won't just show up. Love it or hate it, social media is your friend in this respect. Tired of the Facebook grind? The Instagram haze? Dealing with business or creative postings you need to keep your online presence. Let me take this pressure off by helping you set up and maintain your presence on your chosen platforms.

Leaf Pattern Design

Let me help you get down to the real business...

Whether it's website design, social media, administrative marketing, or writing, I can help you free up your time to do what you love most. Let's get on it!

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